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Martyrdom of Hazrat Fatema Zahra (SA)

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Born in Mecca to the Impeccable Lady, Hazrat Khadija (peace upon her), within a year after her father’s Me’raj or Ascension to the highest point in the heaven and back to Planet Earth within a matter of few moments and his eating of the blessed apple of paradise during the celestial journey, she was named Fatema, which means her devout followers are immune from the fire of hell. While still a child of less than 8 years, she lost her mother to the cold hands of death as well as her mother’s vast material wealth that was spent for the feeding, clothing, sheltering, and protection of the neo Muslim community that was under persecution of the pagan Arabs. Nonetheless, despite her tender years, she so diligently took care of her persecuted father to the extent that she became known as Omm-e Abiha or Mother of her Own Father. Soon upon migration from Mecca to Medina, her hand was sought by many a wealthy and politically influential neo Muslim Arab, but her father turned down all proposals, saying the commandment should come from God for the marriage of the Prophet’s Daughter. It did when her father’s young and virtuous cousin, the First and Foremost Muslim, Ali ibn Abi Taleb (AS), became the suitor and received the affirmative reply as the Archangel Gabriel informed the Prophet that the nuptials of these two blessed souls were sealed in heaven by God Almighty Himself. The fruits of this union were two infallible sons and two immaculate daughters who would rise to the defence of Islam whenever the creed of God came under threat from the hypocrites – the former Arab pagans who now masqueraded as Muslims to seize the political power of the Islamic realm. No wonder, the Prophet used to rise to his feet whenever his daughter entered his presence, and seat her in his place, saying he smelled the fragrance of heaven. To confirm her pristine purity and that of her immediately family, God Almighty revealed ayah 33 of Surah Ahzaab when the Prophet once entered her house and assembled under his blessed cloak her sons, Hasan and Husain, her husband, Ali, and herself, while Gabriel descended with the divine words:

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